Choosing an Auction Company

“If you do not have time to do a job right the first time…
how are you going to find time to do it over?”
Simple words…but words we try to live by each and every day.


Kramer & Kramer has to prove its expertise and professionalism each and every auction, with each and every client. We believe it is not good enough to tell a client that we did 999 acceptable auctions, if their auction is the 1 in 1,000 which they think we let down on. No one is perfect, but we strive to obtain the near perfection. We have checklist for our checklist, and hope not to look over the slightest detail.


Kramer & Kramer has developed a comprehensive checklist for you to use in choosing your auction firm. You can put values or grades on it as you choose, as we have tried to point out the more important issues you should be concerned about. Download this checklist and grade the competition. We feel confident you will choose us.


Kramer & Kramer relies on proven methods, intertwined with the latest techniques available to obtain the maximum dollar for our clients. Our method is to educate the buyer on what we are selling, be sure the buyer is able to see what we are selling, and to make sure the buyer understands our auction chant in order to bid. We want the buyer to bid with confidence and trust. Sounds simple, but it takes great effort when selling hundreds of items to hundred of buyers. Selling by auction also takes a lot of patience, which we try to maintain. Truthfully, we try!


Kramer & Kramer approaches each and every auction as if it will be the largest and most profitable auction we will ever conduct. Obviously, these auctions will not prove out to be the largest, but most auctions are the largest and most profitable auction our seller will ever have. Probably the only auction our client will ever conduct. So we must retain the attitude to provide the very best service and selling technique possible. A successful auction will lead to other auctions. An unsuccessful auction will hurt the entire auction profession. /
We closed Main Street to conduct and liquidate a hardware store auction in Phillipsburg, Ohio.


Our entire staff is under an employee status of Kramer & Kramer, an Ohio Corporation. We assume responsibility of withholdings for tax purposes, and we pay workers compensation insurance. This protects you in so many ways. Auction firms, which try to play the “independent contractor game”, by paying cash and not withholding taxes, are playing with your dollars and your livelihood. The IRS has a multiple-point check list for hired people to qualify as independent contractor status, and the checklist is very difficult for auction support personnel to pass. Almost impossible, so be sure to protect yourself by hiring a firm that uses its own employees and has professional insurance. Let the helper with a twisted or wrenched back make a claim to workers compensation, not a claim on your assets.


Auctioneers and real estate brokers who belong to professional organizations prove to you that they are striving to be educated and the very best professional possible. Professional trade organizations also require their members to subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics. When you choose an auction and realty firm that belongs to professional trade organizations, you choose the cream of the crop. Both Horace and John Kramer belong to several professional organizations as described in their respective qualifications.


We are asked this question quite often. Our advice is always the same; the best time to sell anything is when you are done with it. Think about your past. The times you kept that old car for sentimental reasons. It just sat in the driveway and you never drove it all the while you were paying insurance and losing interest on the money. Time is money. Sell it when you are through with it.


Remember, K-Mart has sales, we have AUCTIONS. Only licensed auctioneers can have an auction – hire us.


  • PRICE! Auctions will give you a market value and most generally, a price acceptable to you. Auctions do not limit the price buyers may be willing to pay for your real estate or personal property.
  • EVERY BUYER HAS A CHANCE! Ever sold something and later been told by other buyers, “I wish I would have known…” or “I wish I had a chance to buy that.”? Auctions give everyone a chance. A fair chance in a competitive market will result in higher prices. Don’t limit your negotiations to the first person who hears your house is for sale, sell it by the auction marketing method and give everyone a chance to negotiate.
  • BEST & MOST QUALIFIED! If a seller asked us to go out in the market and bring back to them the best buyer for their product, what better way than an auction? Auctions generate interest for 30 to 40 days , then all interested parties assemble at the auction and the bid calling determines who is the most qualified and interested buyer of your property.