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John Muncy & Associates


John & Debbie Kramer

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Hummel & Personal Propery Auctions 

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Live On-Site Auction

Began: Sunday, December 30, 2012 at 10:00 AM EST

Location 501 Nation Ave, Eaton, OH 45320




Hummel Auction Calendar

Sat. May 18

Sat. Aug. 24

Sat. Nov. 9

Eaton, OH

501 Nation Ave, The Grange Hall

10:00 AM Start time


After 46 years in business and selling Hummels since 1977, John and Debbie Kramer are retiring and passing along their personal property auction business to John and Wendy Muncy, dba John Muncy & Associates, New Lebanon, Ohio

For 2019, the Muncy organization has set 3 all Hummel auctions and plan on conducting the Hummel auctions at the same location and style that Kramer & Kramer has over the past several decades.  

We feel you will be happy with their service, so please support their auctions.  Starting out, Debbie and I will be assisting as will our “also retired” faithful auction manager Janet Eby. At least for the their first auction … then it will be time to let them fly on their own; but, we will always be there to help out and probably attend to see old friends.

Catalogs will be available on line in due time, and at the auction. Thanks for your patience in this changeover.

You can contact John and Wendy at





Kramer and Kramer Auctioneers


420 N Barron St Eaton, OH 45320

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