Policies, Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTE: Upon registering or making a bid to the auctioneer, buyers agree and accept the following terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions, do not bid.

  1. The Buyer assumes responsibility for articles purchased on their assigned bidding number and also assume 100% responsibility of articles purchased at the time of purchase. Leaving articles at the auction site for later pickup is done so at the Buyer’s risk, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to remove all articles. The auctioneer may refuse a bid if the buyer does not show this bidding card.
  2. All articles are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” with there being no expressed or implied warranties, whatsoever. Title to articles sold shall be deemed to have passed to buyer upon showing of bidding number, or acknowledgment to auctioneer of entry of highest bid. The seller reserves the liberty to bid at any auction not advertised as “absolute” or “no reserve”, and furthermore may authorize the auctioneer to bid on the seller’s behalf.
  3. The auctioneer will allow the buyer to return any article in which the auctioneer failed to announce a flaw, PROVIDED the item is returned within the following 10 items sold, or within 10 minutes. This allows buyers to test electrical items, or inspect for unannounced damage. Under no circumstances may a buyer void a purchase after these times, or after the auction ends, as all sales are then final.
  4. Titled vehicles are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS,” WITH NO EXCEPTIONS. BUYERS will be required to sign a warranty disclaimer on all titled vehicles and the title will be delivered within 60 days, unless other announcements are made day of auction. The auctioneer can give the buyer a bill of sale on auction day so the buyer can obtain temporary license tags.
  5. All purchases are to be paid for the day of the auction by cash. The auctioneer may accept a personal check provided the buyer produces satisfactory identification or references. Checks returned for non-sufficient funds, or the like, will be subject to all applicable laws, a $25.00 service fee and the buyer will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. It is an express condition of this bidding contract, that the seller and or auctioneer retains a security interest in the property until payment (cash) in full is made, or in the case of a personal check, until the personal check clears the financial institution.
  6. In the event of a tied or disputed bid, the auctioneer is the sole determinant as to who holds the bid, or who is the successful bidder. If it is the opinion of the auctioneer that two or more people feel they hold the bid, the article may be resold. The auctioneer is the sole determinant whether or not to resell. All bid increments are at the discretion of the auctioneer. The auctioneers do accept good faith absentee bids as a service to their sellers. Absentee bids are executed in a competitive manner with full disclosure to the seller and absentee bidder as to the procedures and prices.
  7. Shoplifting is a crime. Any person caught stealing, hiding, spreading untrue information or purposely damaging an item to be sold will be prosecuted, punished to the fullest extent of the law and banned from future Kramer auctions. The Ohio Auctioneers Association offers a reward of $100 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of shoplifters at auction. The buyer agrees to pay any legal, travel or other expenses incurred by the auctioneer in the event the auctioneer must take legal action to collect payment for articles purchased, or if the auctioneer must defend themselves or their clients in a court of law and is found innocent of such claim.
  8. The firm of Kramer & Kramer urge all buyers to bring any concerns or misunderstandings to their attention for prompt and professional settlement. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the auctioneer shall be final.