International Hummel Author & Authority Robert L. Miller Selling his private Hummel Collection by Auction

“The finest Hummel Collection in the World”

hummel01Robert L. Miller is the gentlemen who truly “wrote the book” on Goebel Hummels and along with his wife Ruth, toured and researched the archives of the Goebel factory in Germany and documented the production and system of making the porcelain figurines styled after the drawings of Sister Marie Innocentia Hummel. Dating to the mid-1930s the collection features any rare and one of a kind figurines, original artwork by M.I. Hummel and pieces which can be found no where else.

During the early years of Hummel collection, the Miller family sponsored the International Hummel Festival held in Eaton, Ohio which featured artist, dealers, collectors and Goebel factory representatives each year and attended by over 20,000 people. Later the Festival was taken to the Dayton Convention Center. The Miller family owned and operated the Miller Hummel Corner in Eaton until the selling of their shopping center.

Due to health and downsizing their residence, the Millers are selling their entire collection, over 4,000 pieces, starting with 4 auctions, November 1, 2, 14 & 15, 2013 being held at the Hilton Garden Inn at Austin Landing, South Dayton, OH which is exit #41 off Interstate 75.

Complete Auction Information can be found at Kramer & Kramer Auctioneers Realtors website – – Or by calling their corporate office at 937-456–1101

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