In 1993, Kramer & Kramer Auctioneers was commissioned by a private gun dealer to liquidate over 750 firearms. Since the auction could not logistically take place in his residential neighborhood, H. John Kramer obtained a Federal Firearms License. This permitted the firearms to be sold at the Preble County Fairgrounds in Eaton, Ohio, which provides a secure 10,000 square foot building, plenty of parking and most of all, privacy as to the owner and location of the firearms prior to the auction.

Kramer & Kramer has transformed those three auctions into our Annual Firearm Auction, held the last Saturday in January. We are equipped to sell 250 firearms in about five hours, prepare all federal paperwork and execute the background check on purchasers, known as “NICS.” This is a mammoth task, which usually takes 23 people on staff for auction day, plus security officers.

Historically, we register over 400 bidders. Our consignors mostly consist of small private owners, and interesting enough, many widows whose husbands have left them with a collection of 2, 22 or 102 firearms. Kramer & Kramer can handle all requests and eras of firearms. Our past history has shown this!

Kramer & Kramer has sold thousands firearms at auction and have established themselves as the leader in firearm auctions in the tristate area. Please contact us for a confidential discussion on your collection.

H. John Kramer
Federal Firearm License Holder
Auctioneer – Realtor