Hummel History in Eaton, Ohio

Thanks to Eatonian and world renowned Hummel Authority Robert L. Miller and his wife Ruth, the collectible Hummel market has a long history in Eaton. The Millers searched the Goebel factory archives in Germany where they studied sketches, interviewed sculptors, studied factory production records, and then truly, “wrote the book on Hummel Figurines.”

The Millers organized the First International Hummel Festival in 1977, a global event at the Fairgrounds in our hometown of Eaton. The festival later moved to the Dayton Convention Center. In 1978 we conducted the world’s first all Hummel Auction and were setting the trend around the world for the secondary collectors’ market in Hummel figurines. We have been selling 6 to 10 Hummel auctions yearly ever since.

In 2014 & 2015, we sold the 3,500 piece Miller Hummel Collection. Bob and Ruth are still active in the Hummel world and attend our auctions to visit with longtime friends.

As a result of our history in the Hummel collectible market, we have contacts across the nation and Germany who attend our auctions. This history certainly establishes H. John Kramer, and the staff of Kramer & Kramer Inc., Auctioneers-Realtors as knowledgeable leaders in the industry.


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