The collectible Hummel market has a long history in Eaton, Ohio.

p_hummel01Prior to 1970, local authority Robert L. Miller was researching and archiving Hummel figurines as a hobby. Mr. Miller and his wife Ruth, visited the Goebel factory in Germany where they researched sketches, interviewed sculptors, studied archives of factory records, and then he truly, “wrote the book on Hummel Figurines.”

Through our lifelong friendship with the Miller family, Horace and John Kramer conducted the first all Hummel Auction during the International Hummel Festival. This global event was held at the Preble County Fairgrounds in our hometown of Eaton, Ohio during the mid seventies into the 1980s. Then the festival moved to the Dayton, Ohio Convention Center for another decade. During these early days, the Miller MI Hummel Corner auctions were setting the trend around the world for the secondary collectors’ market in Hummel figurines.

We provide this accelerated marketing by selling figurines at auction.

p_hummel02Mr. Miller has since semi-retired and sold his shopping center and the former Miller Hummel Corner, which has since closed. Bob and Ruth are still active in the Hummel world and attend our auctions to visit with longtime friends.

As a result of our history in the Hummel market, we have contacts across the nation who attends our auctions of Hummel Figurines. We have been blessed to form this relationship due to a friendship of the Miller family.

Kramer & Kramer has conducted over 200 all Hummel auctions. This history certainly establishes H. John Kramer, and the staff of Kramer & Kramer Inc., Auctioneers-Realtors as knowledgeable leaders in the industry.