The office of Kramer & Kramer has two qualified, court approved personal property appraisers, with extensive knowledge in wide-ranging areas. With over 79 years combined experience, 14,000 auctions conducted between them and a reference library of over 415 books, Kramer & Kramer has the ability to provide accurate and professionally presented personal property appraisals. A professional fee, based on an hourly rate, is charged for all appraisals. Although both auctioneers chose not to obtain the state certification for real estate appraisals, H. John Kramer is a graduate of The Ohio State University, with a real estate major, and courts, banks and professional people have accepted his appraising of real estate since 1974. Horace J. Kramer has been selling and appraising real estate for over 50 years.

We'll go anywhere, in any conditions, to serve our auction client!

We’ll go anywhere, in any conditions, to serve our auction client!


Kramer & Kramer is available for on site, or in office confidential consultations concerning your needs. Most consultations are done as a service, with not fees due; however, on occasion, Kramer & Kramer is hired for consultations in real estate, court appraisals, disbursal of assets or other areas which need their expertise. In these situations, a professional fee is charged.


Sellers are often apprehensive about accepting dozens of personal and business checks as payment for their auction profits. Kramer & Kramer has a guaranteed check policy that fits most sellers’ needs and allows the seller to receive one check for their personal property auctions, a check from Kramer & Kramer.


Some sellers do not wish to have an auction, either due to time constraints, apprehension of auctions or various other reasons. Kramer & Kramer will prepare a cashier’s check buyout of personal property, or real estate. Kramer & Kramer is prepared to buy any size estate, collection or property; however, Kramer & Kramer advises all clients that the best alternative for them is to sell their items at public auction, and pay Kramer & Kramer a professional fee.


Kramer & Kramer offers economical packing and moving of collections and estates that they are selling at public auction. Kramer & Kramer is a turnkey company that has the expertise, equipment, supplies and personnel to handle all aspects of an off site auction.


Kramer & Kramer works referrals with ease. We will pay legal referrals to licensed people as the law permits, and if we feel we are not qualified to conduct a certain auction, we are willing to refer the auction to a qualified auctioneer we are familiar with and trust.


Kramer & Kramer will advertise your auction on their web page and promote any aspect of your auction on the Internet as deemed necessary. We hope to soon be able to provide an Internet auction side by side with our live auction. We can also place your items on one of the Internet web sites, such as Ebay. There have been computers in Kramer & Kramer offices since 1983, and we will always strive to offer our clients the latest in technology.


Kramer & Kramer offers real estate for sale by private treaty or by public auction. Each method of marketing has benefits, and risks. After consultations with our qualified Auctioneers and Realtors, you will be able to choose the method of marketing which best suits the needs of your property. Remember; do not make any decisions until you have all the facts. Kramer & Kramer is qualified to give you the whole picture.


Kramer & Kramer offers complete, knowledgeable auction services. Our firm has made its living and livelihood in the auction business since 1910. We are the qualified professionals.


Kramer & Kramer’s clients are everyday people, professional people, collectors, courts, banks and just about any type of seller you can think of. When potential customers ask for a client list, we offer a list of our sellers for whatever time requested. We provide all our sellers to the customers. Any firm can formulate a list of popular clients, Kramer & Kramer provides a list of their last 10 clients, or 50 or any number, or any era. We strongly suggest for customers to talk to “like kind” clients. Talk to a client who had a similar type auction.